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Totally Bamboo 2-Piece Bamboo Serving review

  Totally Bamboo 2-Piece Bamboo Serving review 

The housewife often hesitates when choosing the right cutting board for her kitchen between glass, plastic, and wood. We always keep safety and cleanliness in mind and do not think much about other advantages that a cutting board can provide. This Totally Bamboo 2-Piece Serving will tell you about the best cutting board for convenience and pleasure.

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Multitasking is another feature highlighted by many designs. Some boards serve as a chopping board, a strainer for washing vegetables or fruits, a cutting board, and a tablet holder, or they can be divided into 4 cutting boards.

These boards are very useful, especially since experts recommend allocating a cutting board for vegetables, another for meat, and a third for bread, etc. 

Most designers of cutting boards paid attention to the technical aspect. However, here, they paid more attention to the delicate and beautiful details to make an artistic board. It is a piece to decorate your kitchen and not only a practical tool that facilitates household chores.

Features of Totally Bamboo 2-Piece Bamboo Serving 

This Totally Bamboo 2-Piece Bamboo Serving has many interesting features like:

  1. This large 13-3/8 inch cutting board is perfect for cutting meat. 
  2. It has two excellent bamboo cutting boards at one fantastic price! 
  3. The 11-inch utility cutting board is great for slicing different kinds of food like fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, cheese, and much more!
  4. It has a better cutting surface as bamboo is gentle on knives. It preserves their sharpness for continued quality cutting.
  5. You can easily take care of this board by washing it with warm water and soap. 
  6. Do not wash this board in the dishwasher or soak it.

It is the perfect kitchen starter set, housewarming gift, or back-to-school essential.